Friday, 2 March 2012

Keep The Presses

You can joke all you want about India's call centers, made possible through modern communication technology and the rise of the Internet. Everyone's connected, right? Not quite. Here in India, the power of the press is still in paper.

One of the reasons Sarah joined the Foreign Service was the decline of the newspaper industry, her previous field of employment. It's heartening to see that reading the daily paper is still a ritual in some countries.

The street is like a living room in India, plenty of people around all the time, doing things one would do in a typical living room back home.

If business is slow, crack open the paper for a minute. And if traffic is the same way, you might as well catch up on your reading.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! I wonder- is it always men reading the paper outside? I think the male literacy rate in India is @75%, but is less than 50% for women- I'm curious if this makes an impression in public life or not. Anyway, of all the things people do in their living rooms, reading the paper is a nice one for outside, no?
    We've been really loving your blog, and the great photos that really do well to illustrate day to day life in your part of India. Fabulous learning for us, thanks!