Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Playing By The Bay (Of Bengal)

Chennai, similar to the previous place we lived, Miami, is a coastal city with a huge beach (yes, we are well aware that Miami Beach is a separate city and it's that city on the beach. So sue us). Here it's called Marina Beach and it stretches a good length of the city.

It's also wide, affording plenty of space for various vendors. You can get food, ride horses, buy gifts, throw the kid on an amusement, even blow some balloons away.

There's a concentration of vendors headed toward the shore, a sort of beach main street. Waiting for the dinner crowd.

Who wants to shoot some balloons? We do! Who knew it's a dressed up, family affair?

Mumbai Chaat seems to have the Poori choices down. And a hungry herd of stools. The merry-go-round man.


  1. Does anyone get into the water?

  2. Sure people go swimming. The pics in this post were taken during the afternoon doldrums so not many people at the beach at that hour- too hot.