Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rainbow Clothesalition

There's nothing like shopping for women's clothes in India. The colors, the fabric, the designs, the handmade features. All aspects of the clothes are overflowing with energy and uniqueness. It's hard to choose just a couple of things. And it's impossible to buy something you may see on someone else.

A typical store with an inviting and also overwhelming selection of outfits. A Jackson Pollock stack, ready to be picked.

Sarah making the most of the selection. Even basic white bubbles over with options.

The head starts spinning the more one shops. Sticker shock? No. Color shock, yes. One thing in common with stores back home: The Bored Male.


  1. I would not know where to begin with all the options and beautiful fabrics. Love that jacket, btw. Hope you bought it! - s