Friday, 16 March 2012

Moving Out

No, not us. We just got to India. Well, eight months ago, but who's counting? It seems to be going by so quick, but there's still plenty of time left in our two-year tour. For our neighbors, their time came recently, and off they went. We became fast friends with the family and we miss them, but it's a standard right of passage in the Foreign Service: people are constantly coming and going in our lives, sort of a perpetually changing summer camp.

What happens when the people go? The burly consulate boys move in and take away everything, sort of like a hazmat team on CSI.

You'd think someone got the big foreclosure boot. This pile is all the official furniture we're issued, not stuff owned by the departed family. Every few tours the housing gets a complete re-hab and new furniture. They can't have diplomatic secrets stuck in sofas too long.

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