Monday, 5 March 2012

Getting Crabby In Chennai, Pt 1

We're from Maryland, so our veins run not just blue, but blue crab. Unfortunately, we've lived away from Maryland for so long that often the best we can do is some cardboard imitation crab cake at a restaurant. "You call this string, crab?!"

We had no crustacean expectations moving to Chennai. However, while wandering the streets and markets, we started to notice little one vendor three card monty-like setups with a few crabs on them. Excellent! Two problems: not many crabs for sale and what we found was already dead. But the possibility was born.

Asking our human Google, our driver Ali, we quickly found out there's actually an ad-hoc fish market and live crabs are sometimes featured. We're there! Crab feast!

Presenting, The Queen of Crab, Miss Hardshell 2012:

Her undersea jewels. Not quite Maryland blue crab -- something a bit bigger and meaner, just the way we like them. The claws get tied down, lest they take off a limb.

Looking over the goods and planning our tough negotiating strategy. "We only want males," we said. A quizzical look from Crab Queen and then recognition: "Oh, gents!" It's time to procure and fill up our bags.

Next up, the steaming and eating.....


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  2. This is one awesome lady to buy crabs. Im a regular to her.. need to bargain but ;)