Saturday, 10 March 2012

Souvenirs From Cyclone Thane

Lucky us, we thought. After 16 years in South Florida, we were finally leaving ground zero of hurricane zones. Nope. It turns out Chennai is also in a path for hurricanes, nicely renamed "cyclones." Great. Not a peep until December and then Thane (pronounced Tah-ney) showed up. We were lucky (or bored, as those back home know about all too well when waiting for a hurricane to hit), the cyclone hit far enough south of us not to cause any damage where we live. Ground zero was Pondicherry. Let's have a look.

Luckily for Pondicherry, the storm didn't do much damage to structures. Trees bore the brunt and now show the scars.

A mess of palms. But they're still standing, happy to give up their fronds for more days in the sun. Unlike this tree -- down and out.

Uprooted and taking a chunk of sidewalk as a last hurrah. Tree debris ignoring the parking rules.

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