Thursday, 22 November 2012

Giving Thanks At Thanksgiving

We celebrate Thanksgiving overseas with the typical meal, but we also take time to help out the less fortunate. Like last year, the Consulate chose to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of orphaned children at a Chennai church.

A group of us served up a traditional Indian breakfast to about 60 kids and some activities, including face paining and pin the tail on the donkey. The kids got a little explanation of the history of Thanksgiving, too. They were all smiles.

"We're getting games and breakfast and treats?!  I'm ready!"

Face painting commences. The fun results.
"Hey, once the girls get all made up, we want in on the action." Boys lined up to get their "tats."

"Sure, you can pin the blindfolded Foreign Service Officer, we can play that game." says Sarah. Someone is definitely going to get wet - it's time for a round of water balloon toss.

And now time for the victory breakfast. The little ladies go first. The boys chomping down.

The real victory - winning chocolate bars and then eating them!


  1. Did you have turkey? My wife recently told me that Muslims honour turkeys because--to them--it resembles a woman in a burka.

  2. Haven't heard the Muslim angle, interesting. We had a little turkey at a group Thanksgiving but getting a turkey in India is quite difficult and expensive- $100-150 for a regular bird.