Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mansion Life

Instead of McMansions like back home, maybe they're called Mughal Mansions here in India. The behemoths aren't much different from the too-big houses back in the US. Lots of double height rooms, big open spaces leading to nowhere, strange lot lines.

Down the coast road south of Chennai are sets of mansions by the beachside. They're for big-shots. A typical subdivision, still being built out.

We'll spare you the interior tour, nothing different from the many huge houses seen in every exurbia.

Here's the funky roof access. Are we supposed to be up here? Maybe to perform a James Bond crash through the big skylight?

A typical Indian sight: a pack of A/C compressors. Each room gets its own A/C unit, which is actually quite efficient. But it means a zoo of compressors to place somewhere outside.

From big to small. A thatch home/supply stash right on the beach in front of the mansions.

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