Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Signs We Are Here

How do you tell where you are in India? You've gotta ask someone who knows. We'd say a local or a Tuk Tuk driver, but those folks are some of the worst resources for geographic expertise. Either you need to know how to get where you are going or you hope you can afford a permanent driver who has had years of experience. Why?

Street signs. Forget little green signs on poles like back in the US. India is more the European model, combined with a little Los Angeles. Street names are found on walls, buildings and sometimes curbs. But they are a rare sight, so you'd better recognize the streets by landmarks.

A small miracle happened recently in our neighborhood. A group of painters roamed the area, tagging every corner they came across. Our streets were getting named!

The color scheme, yellow and black. The method, pure hand-painted.

Another talented painter. A little messy, but what says handmade more than a few drips? First comes Tamil, then English.

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