Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Heading For The Hills To Ooty

When the British showed up in India, they came for the commerce and wilted in the heat. The summers scorched the pasty English and they were desperate to find a way to get through monsoons and triple digit temps. Time to head for the hills.

Anywhere there's a mountain range in India, you're bound to find a cluster of hill stations. Mostly built by the British during their years of occupation, hill stations are mountain-top enclaves, a place to escape the summer heat. Since the Brits built them, the architecture reflects their fantasy of re-creating ye olde country England in India. A little squinting and photo framing goes a long way.

Here's a bed and breakfast in Ooty. Seriously, Ooty, India, not Ooty, Devon.

The stately lawn and twee living room.

Madam Sarah. Parts of Ooty are like a little English country town. A textile collective.

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