Saturday, 24 November 2012

Raj Of The Road

India has a few actual highways and is busy building many kilometers more. Sometimes the roads are bliss; well constructed, not crowded, efficient. But you can be driving along and then suddenly run out of highway and all that traffic gets funneled down to one lane through a tiny country town. Such is life for an expanding country in a poor nation.

A typical scene by the side of a highway, trucks pulled over for rest. The super long truck in the foreground is one of many, many haulers used by auto plants. The H on the side is for Hyundai.

A toll plaza bathroom. Kind of a rare sight, an actual public bathroom for use along a road. So James had to take a picture. A driver, coming out for a stretch.

Inside a truck cab. A far cry from a fancy Freightliner. Big trucks will also have lots of custom paint - frequently scenes that leave you smiling. Here's a little stencil of a momma cow lovingly licking her nursing calf. Stenciled right on the side of a massive truck.

Accidents, a way of life (death) on roads in India. Here's a common scene on a windy road leading up to a hill station - a hit motorcyclist. Can't see him? Follow all the blood in the center of the photograph.

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  1. Are you sure that bathroom is in India? It looks clean.
    However, if you can smell it from 100 meters away, then it definitely is in India.