Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Train Reservation In India

When you buy a train ticket in India, they like to know the name and age and gender of the passenger. They give you a paper ticket back with all the usual info of time, date, etc... and also an "M" or "F" and the age you gave. No name, but at least enough so the conductor can make some sort of match. We guess.

The best part of the system comes when you actually go to board the train. Cars and seats are reserved, so you need to stand at the right place on the platform and hop on the correct car. How do you know? Cars are labeled A-C, 1-4 or so. Maybe you're in car B2.

You get to B2 and it looks like this:

Hmm, it looks like there's some sort of paper pasted to the car by the door. Why?

It's the passenger manifest for that specific car. Really, with your name on it?

Yes! So funny. Here we are, traveling with James' sisters. A slight name miss-spelling, but there we all are, months after purchasing the tickets.

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