Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Everyone knows their Chinese history, right? All those dynasties and Emperors and then a last one and a movie about a last one and some guy Warhol painted named Mao and a long march and Foxconn and Apple and...

Don't forget the good Dr Sun Yat-sen. He's considered the first President of the modern Republic of China, after the fall of the dynasty era in 1912. He died long before Mao and the Communists seized power in the late 1940's. Those Chinese not aligned with Mao fled to Taiwan, taking Dr Sun Yat-sen's legacy with them.

Just west of downtown Taipei is a memorial hall to Dr Sun Yat-sen. There's a central hall with a daily changing of the guards ceremony and a few surrounding galleries with exhibits devoted to his life.

The Memorial Hall.

A packed crowd watching the changing of the guard. You can't have a museum to a revolutionary without showing his radical desk.

A nice sculpture in a side garden, the luxury of being cast sitting down. The place is popular with school groups, a nice sign that the future is learning about the past. At least getting an afternoon away from a classroom.

As usual, you can't go anywhere near downtown without Taipei 101 waay over your shoulder.

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