Monday, 11 February 2013

Eating At The Shilin Night Market

The main reason to check out the Shilin Night market is for the food and it doesn't disappoint. Come with an appetite and a curiosity for Taiwan delicacies.

The main hall is covered - and filled - with rows of food vendors.

Pull up a stool and fill out your order form, nicely guided with graphics of the big food groups. "You want cow?" Or drool over the piles of food and just point.

There are also vendors outside, right in front of a temple, nestled among the busy streets. A great atmosphere.

Maybe you're a bit adventurous, going for fried chicken feet and other fried things never found in a KFC bucket. Or maybe you want to work for your dinner? Those day-glo stools at the tub are for use while you catch your own shrimp. Seriously.
Bliss! Soup made just for you and full of Asian wonder.

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