Thursday, 7 February 2013

Checking Out The Wholesale District In Taipei

You need onions? Mushrooms? Mammoth piles of them? Head to the wholesale market area of Taipei where Mom and Pop merchants specialize in not just a category of goods, but a specific product.

This lovely lady sells only garlic (blue bags) and shallots (red bags).

Some vendors show off samples of what they're selling. A mushroom man.

One of the tiny lorries used for transporting the goods.

Another of the mushroom men.


  1. Awesome pics! Just curious, which wholesale market is this? And are you guys still in town? We need to meet up if you are!

  2. It's the area near Longshan temple, just east of the docks. A lot of small businesses selling one thing or another. We actually went to Taipei last June. Yes, the blog isn't a real time reflection of our lives but more a longterm review...