Sunday, 17 February 2013

Daily Details Of Taipei

Everyday life always offers its own beauty and Taipei had a handful of scenes worth photographing. The delight is in the details.

Man hanging out by the apartment mailboxes.

Street-brewed tea, using the hot coal method that's similar to the irons back in India. A fierce dragon sculpture ingloriously stored under a table fruit display. The final indignity is the pile of floor mats thrown over it.

Trash cans? Mini incinerators? Laundry colanders? No idea, but they look their own gang, hanging in an alley.

Energetic mural, overwhelming the little posing tot. Get in line - a requirement on the Taipei Metro. Lines are placed to guide you.

A sign of life's choices?


  1. They are money burning bins. They come out on all the big holidays. I like seeing your perspective on all of this. I think it's mostly become "normal" to me.