Saturday, 30 March 2013

Art Deco Mumbai

Just like in Miami, there's an iconic street along a famous body of water with a beach and a bunch of Art Deco buildings overlooking it all. It's Marine Drive instead of Ocean Drive and Chowpatty Beach as the substitute for South Beach.

Lining Marine Drive is a string of beautiful Art Deco apartment buildings. They're bigger and geared toward residential as opposed to the Deco buildings on Miami Beach.

A typical Deco apartment building.

The unrestored sister property of the above apartment building. Historical preservation hasn't taken hold yet. The spaceship-like roof features of the apartment building on the right are nifty.

The aquarium is in on the suave style (and they're re-habbing the facade). Nice fish theme. Another Art Deco apartment example.

Elsewhere in Mumbai, a commercial building that would fit right at home on a movie studio backlot for a period noir or Fritz Lang flick.

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