Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ellora's Indra Sabha Cave

Ellora includes Hindu and Buddhist caves, as well as a third cave cluster devoted to the Jains. The sect built four caves with the one named Indra Sabha being the most impressive. Not nearly as big as the main Hindu temple, Kailash, this Jain example still features extensive stonework both in an open entry courtyard and within two levels of interior chambers.

At the entrance, a main courtyard. Yea, everything you see is what's left over from the rock removal. Amazing.

More views of the courtyard, including a full-sized elephant standing guard.

Heading into the first of several chambers. That's a lot of quarry work.

And another chamber. The columns are outrageous, more baroque and from an earlier time period than any European highlight. The trump card: carved from one stone on site.

A gentleman enjoying the architecture.

Two more examples of columns, each a masterpiece of intricate design. Or prelude to Las Vegas?

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