Monday, 18 March 2013

Temple Time At Kumbh Mela

There's no doubt that sadhus are the stars of Kumbh Mela, but for the vast majority of the regular pilgrims who make the trip to the festival, hanging with your local ashram or popping between other ashrams is a highlight.

There are thousands of ashrams that show up at the Kumbh Mela and there's competition to create the flashiest outpost. A regular religious carnival.

First you have to have an impressive gateway entrance. Success!
Once inside, it's a tent revival atmosphere.

It can get crowded at certain ashrams, people spilling out the gate during a mighty service or sadhus lining up at meal time.

Back inside a typical tent, playing up devotion to feet and the donation tray.

Some ashrams believe in the fake cow and pony show. Notice that real cows are just to the left of the display. When night falls, the action still goes on.

Looking like a regular honky-tonk roadhouse destination. Bright lights, Kumbh city!

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