Saturday, 9 March 2013

That's Entertainment, Kumbh-style

Despite 100 million people visiting, the Kumbh Mela doesn't have a theater, movies playing or splashy entertainment. It's a religious festival so most of the action is either at the ashrams or during bathing. But how long can you listen to sermons or wash yourself?

It's a joyous festival so wander around and find the jam band.

Or kids dancing under a tent. The show must be important for these other kids to be so dressed up - impressive!

Some enterprising folks have brought good old-fashioned entertainment to the festival. Who won't stop to watch a girl on the high wire?

Back to our jam band, those guys are really getting down.

One hard-played keyboard.

Another look at our trapeze tyke, the little boy in the foreground more interested in the action in the opposite direction.

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