Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Navigating The Kumbh Mela

100 million Hindus, a few rivers, lots of bathing, two months of camping, what does the Kumbh Mela look like?

Ladies and gentlemen, this way to the Mela... Just under the railroad bridge, right in the flood plain of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers.

And so the sadhus walk en masse at sunrise to get to the Mela.

Or if you have a few more rupees, you join a group and arrive by tour bus. Once at the festival, you join everyone else and start packing the place.

First thing is to locate your ashram group and find your tent.

Time to get bathing. Cross the Ganges river by one of the many temporary pontoon bridges set up to take you to the holiest bathing areas. Let the bathing begin.

And then back to your tent, which may be tucked into the woods. A peek into your digs.

Next, a look at some of the basic infrastructure.

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  1. great shots, I was there too