Sunday, 10 March 2013

Camping At The Kumbh

The reason James went to the Kumbh Mela, besides the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see such a spectacle, was to participate in a photo workshop. He went with a friend, joining four other photographers for a week of picture taking, critiques and portfolio building. They stayed in a tent campsite, along with other groups, mostly international media and fellow photo geeks. Their own particular ashram complex. What did it look like?

Behold the luxury tent camp, complete with little Stepford Wives grass borders.

The place included gun-toting Indian cowboy guards (rifle between the two guys on the right).

The front of a typical tent and a peek inside. You could stand up, walk around, use the western-style bathroom in another room, a regular bigtop Ritz Carlton.

And then the rains came, collapsing many of the tents and turning the place into foreclosure-land as contents suddenly were dragged into the open. Luckily James and his friend's tent only flooded (luckily?) and didn't collapse. Adventure!

Yech, what a flooded tent looked like, post storm and furniture clear out. Muddy. Ah well, let's go eat in the dining tent.
Plumbing details, a blue hot water heater, powered by a wood fire and the spiderweb of water lines. The square pits are for waste.

One of the communal tents.

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