Saturday, 13 April 2013

Crawford Market, Mumbai

Most big cities in India have an old central market and Mumbai is no exception. Opened in 1889 and with features designed by Rudyard Kipling's father, Lockwood, Crawford Market is still busy today despite many vendors moving to "New Mumbai." Take your fresh veggies and leave the lovely patina to the real city folk.

The building, designed by William Emerson, looking a bit like a Flemish castle. What were the Brits thinking when they brought such incongruous designs to the subcontinent? Foreign domination.

Shopping and carefully moving the heavy melons.

Idle orange sellers.

Pausing at work, whether halting sweeping duties to take a cell call or simply passed out from all the heavy lifting.

The pineapple sellers.

Box building and vegetable selling.

Another exhausted worker, catching a brief nap.

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