Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Meandering Marine Drive In Mumbai

The place to be in Mumbai, whether early in the morning or as the sun sets, is Marine Drive. It's a long stretch of road and wide sidewalk, curling around the Arabian Sea. There's room for everyone, young and old, lovers and haters (why not?), animals, vegetables and taxi cabs.

Come hang out, loaf around looking at the water or do the crescent stroll.

Maybe a lonely dog sidles up for some companionship. A man and his monkey.

Playing the waiting game, whether looking for a fare or just looking around.

You gotta record the moment, either with your buddy's camera or by one of the sketch artists.

A bat and a ball and you've got a cricket game (and an area to steer clear of). The stretch at night, nick-named Queens Necklace for the string of pearls the street lights resemble.

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