Saturday, 20 April 2013

Varanasi From The Ganges River

The ghats along the river are full of action, but to get a good appreciation of what Varanasi looks like, you need to grab a boat and cruise the Ganges.

The water view, looking like a Renaissance-era Italian painting.

A tighter view, all the action coming into view.

One of the mighty ghats. Many of the structures were built hundreds of years ago and are still supported by various religious sects. Cruising the river.

There are so many elements coming together in Varanasi: boats, ghats, water, people, color, action, stillness.


  1. I've really enjoyed trawling through your blog. Your images of Mumbai made me shake myself down and post a few of my own. I'm one lazy blogger and in awe of some of the pictures you have posted. I'll be checking back regularly.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words. I tracked your blog down and I'm also impressed by your photos and lovely stories. Keep it going!