Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai

Say you're staying at your posh hotel and you fill that fancy laundry bag with a few things to be washed. That white-gloved porter just takes it to the laundry penthouse to have it all done up clean, right?

Well, not necessarily. Out the laundy goes, waaay out to Dhobi Ghat. Your stuff, the hotel sheets, uniforms, other people's clothes, a lot of it ends up at an open air washing bonanza.

Welcome to the mighty Dhobi Ghat. Now you understand why your shirt might get lost?

Two closer views, tripping into abstraction, unless you enlarge the photos (go ahead, you know you want to see the working details).

The high rise city is creeping in, but still the ghat holds on. It's a massive operation, buzzing with activity. On the right, a typical ghat worker in his little piece of real estate.

Another look at the action. Unfortunately, someone runs the place with an iron fist and doesn't allow tourists to wander through the complex. So the pics are several versions of the same angle.

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