Monday, 29 April 2013

Life In An Indian Village

1.2+ billion people live in India. 8 million in Chennai, 16 million in New Delhi, 18 million in Mumbai. So where is everyone else? Get out of town and get into a village. It's possible to stray from the crowded cities, packed train routes and bustling transportation crossroads and find yourself in a rural village. Suddenly, not much is going on, there's no noise and a bit of flora can be found.

It can be downright desolate, buildings placed randomly among fields.

Don't worry, you're always welcome! Maybe there's a small store for a few dry goods.

Women and child.

Village life is agricultural life, so make sure you take good care of your animals.

The men, pausing for a pic on the way to work.

Village bling, brought to you by this woman's feet. Either that or she's been pounding pistachios.

The road out of town (village). Small and lonely.

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