Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Murals Of Varanasi

When you're in Varanasi, you're busy thinking about the ghats, bathing, the mighty Ganges river. It turns out a bunch of other folks have been busy thinking about painting murals. The fine artwork is spread throughout the ghats, some themes are religious, some are focused on commerce. The murals add a nice layer to the riverside experience.

This wall is religious-themed, showing tales of Krishna in the center, flanked by a couple of famous Babas. Gene Simmons' brother on the left?

Animal, vegetable or mineral? On the left, a monkey showing up the silly humans? Behold the rare and lovely lettuce elephant!
Signs advertising various classes. Maybe speaking to the laundry class using the ghats? Time to better your life?

Here's Krishna, doing what the Sadhus taught him - enjoying cannabis. Eye know, wild?

Holy cow, flying around Earth, powered by....flatulence? Nice touch to have one of them circle a section of exposed brick.

Murals don't stay around forever. Looks like rabbit is getting forced into history.


  1. Your blog is so selling me on India. I love street art!

    1. India sells itself, we just try and bring the highlights to the blog. We'll miss seeing so much hand-painted advertising.