Monday, 15 April 2013

The Fabric Of Their Lives In Mumbai

There's a great indoor fabric bazaar in Mumbai, a meandering labyrinth of small stalls to browse and wander through. You have the luxury of being extremely picky with dozens of places vying for your business. But it's a relaxed atmosphere, literally, as most of the stalls are designed with a raised floor so fabric can be unfurled.

Welcome to the laid back fabric sellers bazaar.

Fabric overflows the place, from splashy swaths for women to stacks of shirt designs for men.

The confident fabric seller.

Carts outside the complex, waiting their turn to haul new material in. Two more vendors.

Another crew, ready to help, aways folding.

A typical shop, raised platform, lots of representatives and piles of fabric. The quarters are tight so you have to learn to work together.

A final portrait, especially tailored (ahem) for this post.

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