Monday, 29 August 2011

Japanese Country Store

Forget pickles, salami sticks and sno-balls, the Japanese really know how to snack.  A place called Country's Tid-Bits And Candies Cottage in one of Kuala Lumpur's giant malls was overflowing with inviting items.  Too bad we couldn't identify most of them.  A few curious highlights:

If Golden Monkey likes, we like.  Some sort of tootsie rolls?  It's doubtful they're that plain.

It seems like a child's dream:  A toy you can eat or food you can play with.  Hurray marketing!  A little taste similar to our home, Maryland -- crab crackers.

Hurray marketing again!  How does a minor Belgian cafe side dish become a dominant American fast food product and then get turned into a Japanese snack/package good?  Finally, the best item.  Here's some sort of traditional candy, made on the streets, in the alleys of Japan.  Somehow the image of a poor, old, broken down candy peddler brings back warm and fuzzy feelings for the candy.  Perhaps Oscar Mayer should try plastering a beat up New York hot dog cart on its grocery packages?

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