Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What we Mainely Miss

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       0.8cm
`-$:         44.31

So far, we are not missing much here in Incredible India, other than dark chocolate.  But even that delicacy comes in wonderful care packages (thank you to Sarah's sister-in-law!)   One thing we can't get in a care package is our annual trip to Maine.  This summer marks the first time in at least a dozen years that we are missing our much-anticipated travels to Vacationland.

We take this moment from the exciting chaos of India to indulge in the serene spirit of Maine.

Here's what sunrise looks like in front of our family's house in Maine.  It's worth the 5 am wake up time.  Sarah with the lupines, the wonderful June bloomer.

The view from Blue Hill.  And at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.  Plenty to like, plenty more to miss.

No time in Maine is complete without lobster.  Wait for it to cross and then enjoy it as a lunchtime lobster roll. Outside -- with a view, of course.

Yes, we mainly miss Maine.

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  1. No place like home, eh? I pretty much claim all of America as "home" now that I'm overseas :) Thanks for the submission!