Monday, 22 August 2011

KL's Green Space In The Golden Triangle

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       0.0cm
`-$:         45.67

Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle area is a modern neighborhood of shopping and entertainment that surrounds a nicely manicured, feature-packed park.  It seems to be part of KL's master plan, in contrast to India, where growth is more organic.

A downtown luxury hotel eye view of the park.  At sunrise, the humidity is almost low enough for a comfortable stroll.

Sarah in front one of the well-groomed sections of flora and the snazzy convention center.  Does another Asian country have lots of sweepers?  You bet!

There's a nice fountain (in front of a giant mall, of course).  But why are those photographers looking away from the nice scenery?  Oh, yea... those towers again.

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