Wednesday, 17 August 2011


HTemp:  35c
Rain:       8.9cm
`-$:         45.31

With our Kuala Lumpur weekend focused on rest and relaxation, we didn't want our feet to be left out.  When in Asia, why not try a fish pedicure?  After all, the practice has been banned in at least 14 states, including our former home, Florida.  Something about being unsanitary and barring live animals from salons.  If you want to read more about the prohibited pedicures, click here.

We visited Kenko Fish Spa in one of KL's many malls.  The best part -- beyond getting baby soft feet, of course -- was the peals of laughter from the customers as they got used to the ticklish nibbling of the fish.   

The inviting sign.  Those teeny fish in the poster look so innocent.  The tanks.  Large fish foreground, small fish on the perimeter.

You gotta wash those feet first.  Isn't that like cleaning a pig's snout before it plunges into the trough?  Sarah's initial dip.

And Sarah's initial reaction.  Hey, feels like 10,000 quick pin pricks.  A close up of the feeding frenzy.  Never have feet received such mass love.

If you keep your feet still, the fish keep piling on until it looks like you're wearing fish socks.  It starts to drift into Dr. Suess territory.  When you're feeling comfortable, it's time for the big boys in the other tank.  You trade pin pricks for little sandpaper flicks.

A couple of happy customers, already jaded by the pirana picnic.  Hey, we're ex-pats, we can get used to anything!

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  1. Hi Sarah, this is Margarita (as in Margarita and Keith). So cool that you got to go to Chennai, India was actually my dream destination but Keith wasn't as psyched. :( Oh, well, maybe one day. Enjoy!