Sunday, 21 August 2011

Textiles For Dummies

HTemp:  33c
Rain:       4.8cm
`-$:         45.66

Kuala Lumpur has a lovely new textile museum, full of informative exhibits and beautiful fabric.  Malaysia, similar to other tropical countries, takes full advantage of translating the riot of colors that exist in nature to textiles and designs.

One of the accidental joys of the museum was its use of mannequins.  We're used to seeing only the department store versions -- all distant and thin.  Not so here.

It's hard work cranking out batik or sorting bolts of fabric.  C'mon guys, look alive (oops, wrong thing to request).

Then there were several sets of mannequins together, as if walking the carpet at the Waldorf Astoria on the way to one of Truman Capote's theme parties.  They'd be the hit of the bash.

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