Thursday, 18 August 2011

KL's Architecture Is So Moorish

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For such a modern city, Kuala Lumpur still has a few remnants of its early days.  Few being the key word.  There was a burst of Moorish-style building -- also referred to as Mughal-Islamic -- early last century with two stunning examples by the architect A.B. Hubbock: the 1911 train station and the 1917 railway administration building located across the street.  Hubbock also designed the nearby Jamek Mosque, which borrows from North Indian Islamic architecture and features arches and minarets.

The KTM administrative building.

The train station.

An even older government public works building - dating to 1896 - reopened as a lovely textile museum last year.


  1. I'm loving the history/cultural stuff - thanks for sharing your research :)

  2. Our pleasure. And thanks for writing amazing stuff with equally amazing pictures about Morocco. We went about a decade ago and you're bringing back great memories for us.