Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welcome To Kuala Shopur, Mallasia

HTemp:  34c
Rain:       9.1cm
`-$:         45.92

With high temperatures, humidity and a side order of monsoon, it's only (un)natural for Kuala Lumpur to sprout shopping malls.  But did they need a redwood forest of them?

Check out these main atriums of a couple of mega-malls.  Six action-packed levels of consuming with a dog and pony show thrown in the middle.  Look at the throngs!  It's embarrassing -- we went to the mall on the left three times in one day.  Which is probably less than the average. 

Wait, wait, it's so frankin' exciting!  Sarah's found a store!  Paul F and his monkey merchandise, a whole temple to the stuff.


  1. when we were posted to KL I have to admit we loved going to both KLCC and the Pavallion - we could walk to both.

  2. We stayed at the Traders Hotel and walked to both places as well. They certainly offer plenty to do and see- it was fun!