Thursday, 4 April 2013

Haggling At The Fish Market, Mumbai

There definitely aren't little white tags with bright red letters stating the price of the seafood at the Sassoon pier in Mumbai. The fresh product comes off the boat, the middle men/women suitors descend and the haggling begins.

"Who wants a shark! Let's discuss."

The weigh-in and a money man paying close attention to the result.

For some vendors, it's a waiting game to get rid of the (fish and crab) stock.

A couple more looks at the suave middle men and the hard-working women vendors. It's obvious who does the heavy lifting and who makes the heavy profit.


  1. I love your photos in so many of your posts! What kind of post-processing do you do? Any? I'm very impressed. I'm a decent photographer but not so good at the post-processing game. Tell me what makes yours so awesome--besides good photography skills, of course.

  2. Thanks for the photo inquiry. Send me an email directly (address available in our profile) and I'll try to answer your questions.