Monday, 30 April 2012

Basking In Bhaktapur

About 20 kilometers east of Kathmandu sits the well-preserved ancient city of Bhaktapur. Founded in the 12th century, Bhaktapur is Nepal's best example of Newari culture and architecture. They've done a great job restoring the place, recovering from a devastating earthquake in 1934. No cars are allowed on most of the streets, so strolling around the place gives the feeling of going back in time, waaay back in time. Until you order a Coca Cola at lunch.

The best place to start in Bhaktapur is the big plaza of Durbar Square, a grand gathering area filled with sublime details.

One of the highlights of the square is the beautiful stone Batsala temple. One of the lowlights is fending off the guide solicitations, mostly disguised as "a student wanting to practice English." Sarah practicing her Diplomatic skills, harmless enough.

The palace of 55 windows. Maybe where the phrase "I don't do windows" started? The impressive five-tiered Nyatapola temple in Taumadhi square. A great looking wedding cake of a structure.

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