Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Namaste Nepal

One of the great things about the Foreign Service, besides being stationed in a far off land, is the chance to do temporary work in yet another far off place. Lucky for us, a quick offer early in the year turned into a month of living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Land of the Yeti, here we come!

Get ready for many, many blog items from Nepal in the coming weeks. Here's a little highlight teaser of what we experienced.

There's busy, bustling Kathmandu and then the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas.

The countryside is peppered with humble stone homes and fields filled with the yellow flowers of mustard plants. A regal Nepali man, complete with a traditional topi hat.

One of the Hindu temples. Plenty of animals around, both in urban and rural locations.

A buddhist at one of the many fine stupas, eyes always upon you.

Keep clicking back for the many highlights, big and small, famous and obscure....

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  1. You guys are living the dream. God bless!