Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kathmandu (With An H)

Yes, it's pronounced "Cat-Man-Do." And it also has a big, fat "h" in the middle of it. We guess 99 out of 100 people don't know about that pesky h. But now you can be the 1!

One thing upon everyone who visits or lives in Kathmandu would agree is that it's a busy, crowded, sprawling metropolis. The undisputed center of commerce for Nepal, the city is the center of everything, complete with the development headaches that inevitably follow. For every good restaurant or attraction, there's traffic jams and electrical shortages.

The low-slung skyline. Buildings don't top about 15 stories and the city is located in a vast bowl.  Thamel is the ex-pat center of the city, over-stuffed with places to stay and eat, shop for trekking gear and prepare for a Nepal adventure.

Rickshaws dot the old neighborhoods. The masks are for pollution, not bilking tourists.

As usual, popular culture gets chewed up and put to use on the local economy. Bart Simpson ready to trek and the traditional Nepali ski-type of cap refashioned as, what else, Angry Birds.

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