Sunday, 8 April 2012

Flags Of Pray

One of the iconic images of Nepal is strands of Buddhist prayer flags. Consisting of squares of cotton panels in primary colors, each flag is a woodblock print of a specific prayer or mantra. The flag colors have a specific meaning and they're also strung in a certain order.

Blue is first, representing sky. Then white for air; red for fire; green for water; and yellow for earth. The flags can be strung horizontally from two points or be flown vertically from a pole. The overall purpose of the flags is to spread peace and harmony throughout the surrounding land. The wind blows through the flag and spreads its message. Flags are switched at the Tibetan New Year.

Prayer flags flying at a famous stupa, Boudha. And with a Himalayan background in the town of Nagarkot.

Places to buy rolls of flags are plentiful and these fine merchants are happy to assist.

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