Sunday, 22 April 2012

Signs Of Beauty

In Nepal, why use a standard barbershop pole when you can get a custom hand painted sign? Whether it's an image of a woman with "Charlie's Angels" hair, or a long description of your services, you can do whatever you want on your sign.

"Come in and look like me," the sign promises. Maybe an Art Deco graphic is enough of an enticement.

Is it salon or sailoon? So what's a sailoon? It all looks right in Nepali.

Another model sign, not looking too friendly. On the right, lots of services, but only for the ladies. Would a man come in for bridal make-up anyway? 


  1. Any red heads in Nepal? I want a hair cuting. Fun. Terah

  2. Nah, all dark hair and dark eyes in Nepal.

  3. James did you or Sarah ever see the documentary produced by Chris Rock about black hair culture? It was great. There was a big part of the film devoted to showing all the hair that comes from Indian, Thai and Nepalese (sp? ) heads to create wigs and weaves for African American western women. BIG money industry. Crime ridden too I think. But that is all a downer. I especially dig the art deco signage! :o) Trained By India. Not nobody else.