Friday, 6 April 2012

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

There are at least three Durbar Squares in Nepal, so make sure you tell your cab driver the right one. What they all have in common, besides the name, is the privilege of being the central square of their respective towns.

The Durbar Square in Kathmandu contains the usual elements: royal palace, religious temples, courtyards and lots of people wandering through, hanging out, selling things and being seen. It's actually more of a string of a few squares with various historical temples and buildings dotting the area.

The south section of one of the squares, buzzing with activity. Vehicles drive right through the plaza, adding to the bustle.

A detail of the upper section of Lalitpur tower. All that brown stuff is incredibly intricate wood carving. The meeting of young/old, ancient/modern.

The north section of another square is the pigeon hangout. And cows. And with folks who, for some reason, attempt to walk goats.

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