Monday, 2 April 2012

Breakfast Of Champions

While hosting friends, we decided they had to sample the classic south Indian breakfast - dosas. Luckily, our cook is a champion dosa maker, so we didn't have to go far to enjoy a special breakfast. Dosas are a crepe made with rice flour. Once made, you can stuff them with any sort of chutney you'd like. Slather on the flavors, fold over and enjoy.

As breakfast goes, dosas are so much more savory, nutritious and filling than the mostly sugar and dough derivatives that are a staple back in the US.

Some of the ingredients used in the chutneys. Just by looking at the spread, you can tell great flavors will result. For the dosas themselves, rice flour is used. In this case, our cook used a version of flour with a semolina rava, making for a crispier dosa.

A dosa being made. Our breakfast, complete with various chutneys and potato filling.

Brings tears of joy to the eye: A big plate of freshly made rava dosas. Dig in!

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