Friday, 14 December 2012

Book Buying, Seoul

There must be giant bookstore chains in the multitude of malls in Seoul, but in the old business district, little book stalls are still the places to go to get some reading material. But books take up space, so how do you keep a good inventory and still have room to man the shop? It seems you don't.

Here are a couple of stores, closed for business from the night before. Ah, don't worry about code enforcement or egress, just forget the permanent door and wrap the pile of books.

You can only imagine what it looks like when the tarp is pulled back. Wait - no need! A bookshop, pre de-crammed. And post de-crammed. Nice, tidy and ready for business. But what happened to all the books?

Right. By Any Surface Necessary. Just put those books anywhere - cardboard, columns, cars, any horizontal surface that can't refuse. Pull up a brick and stay awhile.....

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