Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Changing Skyline Of Seoul

With more than 25 million people living there, Seoul must see change at a constant flurry. Old neighborhoods razed for skyscrapers, fields turned into wide avenues, development the constant friend and foe.

Here's a look at the future, present and past in the business district. Modern office towers gobbling up the low-rise stores and apartments of old.

Modern architecture is all over the city and a basic municipal necessity like this firehouse benefits. Historical preservation is also respected. There's a giant design plaza currently under construction where the main stadium used to stand. As a nod to the past, they were nice enough to leave a couple of the outfield light stanchions.

Here's an art gallery in the swanky Samcheongdong neighborhood, an area overflowing with modern buildings. Notice the running woman sculpture on the roof. The gentleman on the ground seems to.

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