Monday, 17 December 2012

Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul

The Leeum Museum of Art is itself a work of art, a collection of striking buildings designed by world class architects like Rem Koolhaas and other equally talented people. Who needs to actually go into the museum when a stroll around satisfies the eye?

One of the buildings, basically a large sculpture, is clad in orange tiles to brilliant effect. A unique finish.

A little landscape architecture, a retaining wall being swallowed by ivy. Another building at the museum complex.

The ivy and black building continue their dance, creating an enchanting carport.

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  1. I work for the landscape architect who designed Leeum's landscape. We'd like to potentially buy one of your photos for our marketing purposes (the stone wall with ivy, middle row, left column). What would you charge for this photo? Please email . Thank you!