Monday, 24 December 2012

Hardware Stores The Easy Way In Seoul

The hardware stores crowded in the business district of Seoul seem to believe the more stores near each other, the merrier. And the more stuff crammed into each store, the messier. Let's just say it's big box retailing crammed into a lot of small boxes.

A typical hardware store/stall/locker/shoebox.

Keep your inventory full and shopping can get messy. Just make sure to leave plenty of room for your welcome mat. "Do not cover the mat!"
Another store, another 10,000 products in 1,000 square feet. Some things have to spill onto the sidewalk.


  1. Amazing use of space... and it's nice to know, somehow, that WD-40 is WD-40 the world over.

  2. That looks positively organized compared to Brazil! Except for Leroy Merlin, which is actually Home Depot, only ten times as expensive.

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