Saturday, 1 December 2012

Botanical Garden, Ooty

Of course, Anglo Ooty has an impressive botanical garden. Up on the hill, the weather's perfect and you can't have a civilized British outpost without a garden to wander through. The place was established in 1847 and an initial layout was done by some incredibly appropriately named fop, the Marquis of Tweedale. Seriously. Good thing he stuck to gardens and not nuclear submarines.

A look across a well-manicured section of the garden. One of the old greenhouses, when steel was steel.

Manly men gazing at the lovely lily pond lass. Generic topiary is always a safe attraction.

Elephant sculpture, looking regal. Visitors, waiting out the rain, sitting for a portrait.

A common sight in India: a bunch of friends choreographing group portraits as if it's a boy band album cover shoot. Speaking of rock star, how about the number one trash star in the country? Rabbit, you do get around.

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