Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rabbit On Roadway

James took a long road trip to the Tamil Nadu hill stations and on the way he saw a familiar sight at several of the toll plazas. Rabbit gets around.

"No coins, please!" Rabbit says.

A closer look at regal rabbit, complete with nice bow collar. All dressed up at the plaza. Someone showing a little bum. The back flap opens and someone sticks their hand in to pull out all the trash. True!

Rabbit frequently has friends, Penguin and Monkey also around to take in the trash. Penguin is looking eerily like Danny DeVito's version in Batman, while it looks like Monkey runs away unless weighted down by random tiles and rocks.

Don't mess with Rabbit. Guarding the toll station offices.

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  1. I saw something similar; I saw one of a monkey at the Hyderabad Zoo(?). I was certain that I took a photo of it, but I can not seem to find it. Regardless, it was in far worse condition than the ones you photographed.